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QA Tester: Making Sure Everything Is OK

The demand for Quality Assurance (QA) testers is increasing due to the major role they play in successful software development. These detail-oriented professionals make sure that applications function flawlessly before they reach the end user.

If you are thinking about a career in technology where you can apply your problem-solving skills, becoming a QA tester could be an excellent option.

Let’s take a closer look at the QA tester’s responsibilities, skills, and professional development opportunities. Understanding the ins and outs of becoming a specialist in this field can help you make an educated career choice.

What Is Quality Assurance?

In the tech industry, quality assurance is the process of ensuring that the final product meets the required quality standards.

The importance of quality assurance is hard to underestimate. For a development team, software bugs can cost more than money. They can hurt the company’s reputation.

The goal of QA is to improve development processes to prevent such bugs and to identify defects in the product before it goes to market. This defense line against potential failures can mean the difference between a product’s success and the team’s failure.

What Do QA Testers Do on a Daily Basis?

What does a day in the life of a QA software tester look like? It involves multiple tasks that require a mix of technical skills and analytical finesse.

Execute Test Cases

QA testers perform structured tests on software applications to ensure they behave as intended. By rigorously testing, they explore every scenario a user might encounter and verify it for accuracy.

Document and Evaluate Test Results

After performing tests, QA testers meticulously document outcomes. Then they evaluate them closely to provide clear and actionable data.

Find, Log, and Report Bugs

When testers find and evaluate the problem, they must record it in a tracking system, giving developers as much detail as possible to facilitate quick solutions.

Troubleshoot Errors

QA testers don’t just discover errors. They explore their causes to provide actionable insights for the development team. With this data, developers can make sure the problem doesn’t occur again.

Devise Test Procedures

QA testers also develop detailed test plans to make sure that every feature is evaluated and every potential error is caught.

Develop Test Scripts

Writing test scripts is part of optimizing automated testing, increasing efficiency, and coverage. These scripts are an essential element of modern QA processes.

What Kind of Skills Do I Need to Be a Good QA Tester

The tech industry is constantly changing. It demands QA testers to have a specific skill set to keep up with the continuous adjustments and advancements.

Agile Frameworks

A thorough understanding of Agile methodologies is important because they are widely adopted in 21st-century software development.

Regression Testing

As features evolve, regression testing ensures that new updates have not adversely affected existing functionalities.

Super High Attention to Detail

Spotting anomalies that others might miss calls for an eagle eye. Precision and attention to detail are non-negotiable.

Analytical Skills

A QA tester’s work involves analyzing test results and challenging the functionality of software applications.

Knowledge Of Programming Languages

While not always a part of the QA tester’s job description, knowledge of programming can be highly beneficial, equipping you with additional tools to understand and test software better.

Communication Skills

Effectively communicating findings and articulating technical details in a way that other team members can understand is an essential part of the QA tester’s work.

Overall, the QA tester job is varied, dynamic, and ever-changing—offering a rewarding career for those up to the challenge. Whether you're seeking a full-time in-house position or a flexible remote QA tester job, accessibility to the field is broadening.

Where Do I Learn All of This?

As industries continue to grow more reliant on technology, the value of a skilled QA tester will only increase. If this is a journey you're eager to embark upon, the resources are available to help you succeed. One of them is TripleTen’s QA Tester Online Bootcamp.

This bootcamp provides comprehensive training programs covering everything from the basics of software development to specific QA practices.  It includes hands-on projects that simulate real-world testing scenarios, giving you practical experience to bolster your theoretical learning.

To find out how to start your online path to a high-paying QA tester job, contact our team at any time.

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